The CGA Ontario Intopia Strategy Simulation is an exciting and integrative learning opportunity for BCom students as part of their 4th year Strategic Management class.

From March 13-16, students participated in this simulation at the Telfer School of Management’s Desmarais Building.

Congratulations to the members of the winning team:

  • François Forrest
  • Rebecca Mandal
  • Emily Ramji
  • Sophia Pavlou
  • Pierce Colley

The CGA Ontario Intopia Strategy Simulation has been a component of the 4th year strategy course for close to 20 years. It aims to teach students the concepts of strategic management in a simulated online world known as Intopia. The simulation allows students to practice their skills in a concentrated amount of time where they can get immediate feedback on their decisions.

This capstone activity has recently been renamed to recognize CGA Ontario’s comprehensive contribution of $370,000 to the Telfer School to support students, teaching and research.