On Thursday, November 20, seven teams of four to six students participated in a case competition as part of their Case Studies in Accounting course. The winning team and the team that ranked second were respectively awarded $2,200 and $1,000. These prizes are courtesy of CPA Canada and PME Évaluateurs d’entreprises. The Logan-Katz firm also gave a $100 gift certificate at Best Buy to each member of the winning team. Marie-Geneviève Bégin from the Office of the Auditor General of Canada, Denis Chainé, partner at Logan-Katz, and Jean-Philippe Aubé, partner at PME Évaluateurs d’entreprises, acted as judges alongside Professor Sylvain Durocher. On the first photo, from left to right, we can see Jean-Philippe Aubé, students from the winning team (Nicholas Guindon, Darquise Labonté, Émilie St-Denis, Valérie Beauclair and Paul Kekanovich – Hamza Benidir, absent) and Professor Sylvain Durocher. The second photo, from left to right, shows Jean-Philippe Aubé, the students from the team that came second (Louis-Philippe Lepage-Madore, Sarah Ouerd, Laila Taga-Mumche, Karine Raymond, Cherihane El Mestassi, Mathieu Purney) and Professor Sylvain Durocher. Congratulations to the winning teams!