Cameron McIntyre As President of CASCO, a student-run charity organization at the Telfer School of Management, Cameron McIntyre is a 4th year BCom student with a bright future ahead of him. “I have always enjoyed the opportunity to get involved with groups and events that are not just related to my studies and I felt that CASCO went a step further by not just letting me do things that I love, but by giving back to the community as well,” he says. Cameron has been involved with CASCO since his first semester at Telfer.

Cameron has managed to tie his love and knowledge for technology with business into every role he has held. In addition to CASCO, he has also been involved with the Telfer Marketing Association (TMA) and Management Information Systems and Analytics (MISA). He says: “I specifically enjoyed being able to come into the clubs with a different view on how to utilize technology in ways that other clubs were not yet doing.” Cameron implemented a new email marketing system for TMA which provided statistics on member engagement regarding their newsletter and also created an online database of course notes for MISA, which helped drive their first year of membership sales. In his spare time, he runs a small web development and hosting business, where he rents out space on his web server to clients that are looking for high quality, personable service for their website. Prior to Telfer, Cameron was completing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at West Island School in Hong Kong in 2009-2011.

Come support Cameron and his team at the CASCO Gala, taking place on December 7, 2015 at 5:30 pm. Click here for more information about the CASCO Gala.