Tahir Shahzada Before sharing my experience, I’d like to extend my sincerest thank you to the Telfer School of Management for sending me to the One Young World conference this past September. It was an opportunity to hear the first hand experiences of individuals from around the world who through adversity and oppression continue to fight for awareness and change in their respective humanitarian causes. While it was comforting to watch the likes of CEOs, actresses, philanthropic figures, current and former prime ministers talk about how they help enable progress, the true change makers were the young men and women, victims turned entrepreneurs when faced with injustices. A special focus was towards refugees as a result of war and climate change. Climate change poses a very real threat to our globe, but an urgent threat to coastal communities quickly decaying to rising sea levels. Peace and security (extremism), the environment (saving it with technology), human rights (LGBT), global business, health (suicide and depression), and education (unemployment) were the six key topics covered.

All to say, we are so blessed to be living in Canada, in the capital city of this great country. And while there are others that devote their lives to tackle issues in their communities, it is our responsibility as leaders of the world that we are in part, doing the same. Ethically investing, starting socially conscious businesses, giving back to the community in any meaningful way. These are the things that will determine whether our generation leaves this world for better or for worse.

A resounding quote I’d like to share is one by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during the opening ceremonies on Parliament Hill:

"I do not think you are the leaders of tomorrow — I know you are already leaders today. Your generation is politically engaged, educated, innovative, inclusive and progressive. You need to harness that potential to make the world a better place … Please remember, what you say, and the choices you make, have the power to change the world" - Justin Trudeau

Tahir Shahzada, External Affairs