You may have heard the name Montana Champagne recently if you follow local news.  This winter semester, he won his first national title in the 400 IM in the winter semester of 2017 and the 5th fastest time in Canadian history. He was named Gee-Gees Athlete of the Year and First Team All Canadian. He was also given the Directors’ award and was name MVP of the swim team. As you can see, Telfer’s very own varsity swimmer has a lot to brag about. 

Though his results at the U-sports championship may impressive, it should be noted that Champagne still manages to gracefully balance his academics with his sports. With regular A and B returns from his assignments, he is committed to coming out of University not only with an incredible reputation as a world-class swimmer, but also as a Telfer alumni with a well-rounded knowledge of Business. 

Champagne credits a part of his success to the services offered at Telfer, saying, “I love the amount of resources and help that are offered to students. Telfer has a team of academic advisors that specialize in helping out students who may need some advice or guidance throughout their academic career.” 

Currently enrolled in BCom (no option), Montana decided to switch to Human Resources Management option after taking the Human Resources Management and Organizational Behaviour class: “It left the biggest impression on me because it showed me the more personal and human side to the business world.”

As co-captain of the Varsity swim team, Montana is no stranger to leading people and helping people to improve, two of the characteristics that are often sought out in Business professionals. His future is looking bright, with plans to represent Canada on the international stage for swimming, and to benefit as much as possible from his time at Telfer to find a job after he graduates. 

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