Kloe Desrosiers When it comes to climate justice, we might not be able to see the effects of climate change in our city, but there are certainly millions around the world who are experiencing first-hand the repercussions of our actions as we continue to act irresponsibly. Let's think about what actions we are taking and the conditions that others are living in because of climate change...because at the end of the day we are all "one world". The 4 days I spent at the OYW Summit were both heartwarming and heartbreaking. I've was surrounded by the most influential leaders from 196 countries to talk and learn about world issues, from gender inequality to climate change.One of the Queen's University Young Leaders at the summit said something that I wanted to share: "Don't wait for permission to become a leader. Sometimes you might question yourself and ask 'am I really the best person to do this?'”. And well, the truth is, you might be the only person to do this". So here's the thing, you don't need a world summit in order to sit at the table. Don't wait for permission to challenge the status quo...Thinking of sustainable change is not only the good thing to do, but it is also your responsibility.

Hearing the stories of other delegates was the most humbling experience, so I encourage you to step outside of what you're used to by learning and asking tough questions TOGETHER. I, or anyone else, can't fight these issues alone. We do, indeed, need each other. A huge thanks to Telfer and uOttawa for giving me the opportunity to represent Canada at the One Young World summit. #OYW

Kloe Desrosiers, Telfer School of Management and Enactus uOttawa