From the moment Gabriel Chapman toured the Telfer School he knew it would be a unique place to study. Gabriel mentioned, “Telfer’s diverse opportunities for student involvement, its CO-OP program, and many scholarships were what drew me in. The student guides were genuine and passionate about their experience and I felt a sense of connection and belonging since Day 1.”

The Telfer School is proud to have so many exemplary students like Gabriel who take advantage of the many offered opportunities and make the most of their undergrad. As a fourth year BCom student with a specialization in Management Information Systems & Analytics (MISA) with the CO-OP option, Gabriel has been the recipient of the Chancellor’s Scholarship, the Peter and Ann Koppel Scholarship for Excellence,  the StoneShare Scholarship, and the Kevin Vollett Entrepreneurial Award. Gabriel gratefully acknowledged how without these scholarships he would not be able to dedicate the same time and energy to his extracurricular and academics.

Taking the ADM 2302 Business Decision Models course was a turning point in Gabriel’s undergrad as it inspired him to add the specialization in MISA. In this course, Gabriel was introduced to problem solving through algorithms and saw the potential that this could have in real life business scenarios, thus, influencing him to narrow his scope of study. 

Continuing to make the most of his undergrad, Gabriel has been incredibly involved in a number or organizations and initiatives. To name a few, Gabriel has been involved with the Telfer Management Competitions de gestion Telfer (TMCGT), the Entrepreneurs’ Clubs (TECDE), and Telfer Student Council (CéTSC). On top of his club involvement, Gabriel has incredible philanthropic drive that has allowed him to fundraise over $25,000 for Cystic Fibrosis Canada, Special Olympics Canada and the Government of Canada’s Workplace Charitable Campaign.

When asked about a fond memory of Telfer, Gabriel reflected on his CO-OP term at BDO Canada LLP where he had the opportunity to fly to PEI in the middle of a snowstorm to work on Renewable Innovation Strategies. During this trip, he mentions, “I got to conduct stakeholder interviews for our economic development projects. It was an amazing experience meeting people from diverse business sectors who were really engaged in the process and would benefit directly from our team’s recommendations.” He emphasized the trips were also a great way to develop foundations for professional networking with colleagues.

Gabriel advises future students to take advantage of all that Telfer has to offer, including financial assistance, clubs that provide relevant experience and skills, the CO-OP program, the French immersion opportunities because they will take your undergrad, to a life changing and fulfilling four years.

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