As a renowned management school, Telfer prides itself on connecting students to what matters. One of the ways it does this is by outlining strategic goals to inspire continuous improvement and innovation. One of the main goals of the 2017-18 academic year is to encourage and stress the importance of a global mindset in all students. Eric Muellejans, a 2nd year BCom student  has benefitted from being recently appointed to the position of Director of International Relations for AIESEC , the world’s largest student run organization that provides volunteer and career opportunities for students abroad in over 126 countries. 

In the 2016-17 academic year, Eric served as the President for AIESEC Ottawa; one of many Telfer Clubs at the University. Eric reflected that, “Being President of a Telfer club gave me the skills and confidence I needed to incorporate a global mindset into every work environment. It’s fantastic to be at a school where professors are teaching lessons that are relevant and applicable on many scales. This equips students with the skills to thrive in ever-growing international business situations.” In April, 2017, Eric travelled to Peru to represent AIESEC Ottawa and AIESEC Canada for the Americas Congress which featured young leaders from over 20 countries in the Western Hemisphere. Eric noted, “AIESEC is run by youth, for youth. This enables participants to interact with people of many different nationalities, get new perspectives and hear about their respective ambitions for their home countries. It’s truly an inspiring atmosphere.” 

As Director, Eric will be travelling to Colombia, Mexico, and a variety of other countries to negotiate and collaborate with other entities on creating job opportunities for Canadian youth abroad. His, and AIESEC Canada’s, ambition is to deliver over 1100 professional exchange opportunities for Canadians in the next 6 months. Eric stated, “This job is going to be very demanding with travel and meetings, but I am fortunate to be in Telfer where my classmates and Professors can support me in my role”. 

If you are interested in going on an AIESEC experience this summer to gain much needed professional skills, you can visit to learn more and begin applying. 

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