Andrea Ghazzawi “I believe it is important to continue learning – learning never stops. I love that Telfer supports personal growth and development through learning. It also connects its students to experts in their field,” said Andrea Ghazzawi, a PhD candidate in the Management Program with a field of study in Health Systems.

Inspired by Dr. Craig Kuziemsky and driven by the opportunity to contribute to improving the Canadian healthcare system, Andrea chose to continue her studies at the University of Ottawa in the Telfer School of Management. She completed her masters and is now currently working on her PhD.

Andrea went on to mention that the many opportunities available at the Telfer School of Management attracted her to begin and continue her studies here. “Having the chance to learn from a multidisciplinary group of professors with varying areas of expertise was an incredible experience for me.”

When asked which classes left a strong impression on her, Andrea answered, “The health systems courses stood out to me, especially the classes that covered the use of information technology in healthcare and the application of quantitative health research methods.”

While fulfilling the duties of being a mother, fulfilling her passion for cooking, and spending time with family and friends, Andrea works to maintain her academic success and continues to think about improvements needed in the healthcare system to benefit all Canadians, and how she can contribute.

 “Thinking back, I would never have thought that I would be doing a PhD—it just wasn’t on my radar—but I am thankful to be here and to be participating in this program,” concluded Andrea.

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