For the second year in a row, Professor Leila Hamzaoui-Essoussi has been sought out by students at the Lycée Claudel as part of their supervised personal projects (TPE) which are mandatory research projects for students in first S (Grade 6 secondary).

TPEs are intended to diversify the ways in which students take ownership of program content by building on an interdisciplinary approach. They also aim to develop students' ability to be autonomous and take initiative when researching and using documents and information. Lycée students must then present their work in both a final written report and an oral presentation to explain their findings to a jury.

It was in this context that Professor Hamzaoui-Essoussi was solicited by a group of students in 2014 on the subject of gambling marketing: "Plans and strategies used by casinos." In 2015, she was consulted on the theme of "Coca Cola—Between globalization and rejection" in the context of the following problem: "How has Coca Cola become a symbol of the world's Americanization and a product in the struggle for identity?" The students were able to get the professor's input on a number of issues (effective marketing tactics, forms of advertising, cultural influence on consumption, differences in international strategies, etc.), which helped them gather information related to their TPE topic.