Kyle Moncrief Bachelor of Commerce, Finance

When Kyle Moncrief arrived in Ottawa two years ago as an international student from Florida, settling into a new environment proved to be an understandably overwhelming experience. Like many before, he felt he did not possess the necessary confidence and know-how to effectively penetrate the Canadian job market. Fortunately, Kyle enlisted the help of the Career Center team and through his judicious and enthusiastic use of the resources at his disposal, he was able to land a stimulating position in his field of study.

Kyle took full advantage of the Career Center services: he attended as many workshops and events as possible and met with the career counsellor to cover key aspects of career planning as well as to identify tailored objectives and strategies. This equipped him with indispensable career development skills, expanded his professional network in Ottawa and instilled in him the kind of confidence every candidate needs to successfully rise to the challenges of job searching.  

In August 2012, Kyle will not only complete a BCom in Finance, he will also be launching his career within the prestigious TD Securities Services Associate program. Although only one semester remains for him here at Telfer School of Management, we are glad to know that he intends to remain involved and we look forward to tracking what will undoubtedly be his distinguished career.