Throughout the weekend, we welcomed a new cohort of Telfer alumni and hosted two main events around convocation. Students first gathered at the New Graduate Reception to listen to inspiring keynote speeches from Ian Telfer, who also received his honorary doctorate this week, and Harley Finkelstein from Shopify.

After convocation, we welcomed some of our best students for our post-convocation award ceremony. Congratulations to:

Dominic Antonio Franchi (University Gold Medal, KPMG Award for Excellence, Highest Achievement in Accounting)

Jivan Maharaj (University Silver Medal, Highest Achievement in Finance)

Daniela Angarita (David Litvack Memorial Prize, Highest Achievement in Marketing)

Brendon David Campbell (Highest Achievement in Management Information Systems)

Maude Normand (Highest Achievement in Human Resource)

Angela Karr (Highest Achievement in International Management)

Adam Lyle Rouleau (Highest Achievement in e-Business)

Rally Stanovea (Highest Achievement in Entrepreneurship)

Linda Mouhamou (Alterna Social Responsibility Leadership Award)

Gabrielle Rochon-Sabourin (Highest Achievement in Management)

Rémi Nicolas Kévin Gregoire (Christian Navarre Strategic Management Award)

Renée Leduc (Christian Navarre Project Management Award)

Photo: Dominic Antonio Franchi, Dean François Julien