Telfer School of Management crowned winner at the 2012 Jeux du commerce!

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“Want to win a B-school contest? Invest time”

The University of Ottawa would like to congratulate the team of 94 Telfer School of Management students that represented us at the Jeux du Commerce 2012 (JDC). This annual competition, featuring 13 universities from Eastern Canada, was hosted by l’Université Laval in Quebec City from January 5-8, 2012.  This is the second time in the history of the JDC competition that the University of Ottawa has finished first overall.

“We have been preparing for the Jeux du Commerce 2012 for over a year now and it’s an incredible feeling that all of our efforts have paid off,” said Yannie lou Cyr, president of this year’s delegation. “The fact that we won the overall title by taking home both the academic and athletic cups shows just how dedicated Telfer students are to this competition. I couldn’t be prouder of everyone in our delegation!”

The delegation also brought home 10 trophies, including the Academic Cup, which has been won by the Telfer School for the 5th year in a row.

Team Awards:

  • 1st place – Overall standings
  • Academic Cup: Top school in the academic activities
  • Sport Cup: Top school in the sports activities

1st place trophies:

  • Entrepreneurship Case (Patrick Lalonde, Meagan Minnings and Heather Whyte)
    Coach: Professor Margaret Dalziel
  • Finance Case (Tarek Aeta, Stephanie Lui and Ryan Nahas)
    Coach: Professor Abdul Hosein Rahman
  • Operations Management Case (Alexandre Doré, Omar Itani and Alexander Stankus)
    Coach: Professor Jean Couillard
  • Marketing Case (Marie-Pier Bertrand, Eric Charette-Valois and Michael Weatherhead)
    Coach: Professor David Large
  • Soccer Team (Rod Abou, Pier-Luc Beauchamp, Felix Drouin, Antoine Lalonde, Michel Leclaire, Kaitlyn MacNeil, Emilie Mueller, Lisa Anne Sachsalber and Justin Sweeney)
    Coaches: Julien Holdrinet and Christophe Perrault
  • Tchoukball Team (Alexandra Brunette D'Souza, Percy Chohan, Léon Forest-Nault, Jaime Green, Matthew Green, Geneviève Larose, Jacob Legault, Brent Miller and Michael Sutcliffe)
    Coach: Alisha Zhao

3rd place trophies:

  • Management Information Systems Case (Yannie lou Cyr, Myriam Dionne-Desbiens and William Robertson)
    Coach: Professor Umar Ruhi
  • Strategy Case (Christopher Arseneault, Diane Mugeni and Christina Sluyter)
    Coach: Professor Laurent Mirabeau