On February 3, Professor Gilles LeVasseur was named to the Order of Ontario. The Order of Ontario recognizes individuals who have demonstrated excellence and achievement in any field benefiting the people of Ontario or anywhere in the world and is Province of Ontario’s highest honour.

On February 5, Professor LeVasseur was awarded the médaille de l’Ordre des professions du Québec « Comité interprofessionnelle du Québec ».

In late 2014, professor LeVasseur was also inducted into the Order of Ottawa.

As a lawyer and university professor of law in management and economics, Gilles LeVasseur is active in constitutional language rights in Canada. He is a member of both the Ontario and Quebec Bar Associations, a member of business and health professional corporations, and has numerous undergraduate and graduate degrees. Mr. LeVasseur has been president of several associations and professional corporations including the Conseil de la Coopération de l’Ontario, the Regroupement des organismes du patrimoine franco-ontarien. He has published eight books, of which three directly address the situation of francophones in Ontario and Canada. 

For over 25 years, Mr. LeVasseur has been an active member of key organizations working to promote the French language in Ontario and Canada. He is a committee member and leader on numerous community organizations supporting socio-culture, arts, health, heritage and French Ontario committees, including the Association des auteurs et auteurs de l’Ontario français, the constitutional expert on Language Rights Program and Opera Lyra of Ottawa.