Saunya Dover These are exciting times in the health sector and at the Telfer School of Management.  The MSc in Health Systems program is creating opportunities for students to make their marks and lead transformation.

Saunya Dover is a second year graduate student in Health Systems. She is one of seven students who have been admitted to this new program and who share a strong passion for research in health systems.

Saunya is working with researchers from the Ottawa Health Research Institute to determine why patients choose to visit the emergency room with non-urgent medical conditions. This research will help better understand a complex and systemic problem of emergency room overcrowding.

“I have always been interested in hospital emergency departments – everything from how they manage the huge volume of incoming patients to their strategies to ensure patients receive the best possible medical care. The MHS program was a perfect opportunity for me to build on my interests, combine them with knowledge acquired through course work and interactions with professors, and develop a customized research thesis that I love working on."

The MSc in Health Systems program is proud of its excellent students and is proud to help them acquire knowledge that they will use to make a difference in the Canadian health system.

If you want to make a difference, want to be a leader in the Healthcare world, or, have the passion and drive to use research to strengthen our current health systems, then the MSc in Health Systems program is for you.

This program will prepare you to become a member of this country’s next generation of leading health researchers – helping health-care practitioners, and managers achieve better patient outcomes, reduce costs and improve the quality of health-care services.

Applications for the 2009-2010 program are still being accepted. Apply today!

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