“The cost of university tuition is still a bargain for the leveraging that a student gets in the job market using the Telfer brand. The tuition cost of the education is however a potential barrier to graduation for some students and we wanted to facilitate the completion of their studies by establishing an endowment which financially assist students” said David S. Logan, C.A., partner at Logan Katz LLP. “We were approached by representatives of the Telfer School regarding objectives they wanted to achieve and how we could help. We have partners and staff who are alumni, including myself, and we all benefitted from the high quality faculty during our years at the University. We participate because the need is there and we want to give back some value to the Telfer School. We continue to benefit as a business by hiring accounting co-op students who have joined us after graduation as permanent employees.”

The Telfer School is very grateful to David Logan (BCom ‘80), Gary S. Katz, and everyone at Logan Katz LLP for their important and effective support over last ten years, which totals almost $85,000. Their ongoing commitment as a donor, recruiter and Co-op partner demonstrates the firms desire to continue to invest in deserving students, recognize achievement and encourage ongoing excellence. Logan Katz has been an invaluable partner in the Telfer School of Management’s mission to attract and retain the best teachers and researchers, and provide a superior student experience.

The Scholarship
The Logan Katz LLP Scholarship provides Telfer School of Management accounting students with financial support and incentive, rewarding those students who distinguish themselves through academic merit, and who demonstrate a record of involvement in the School or community at large. The Telfer School of Management takes pride in its scholarship program and applauds donors for their lasting impact on deserving recipients.

The Fellowship
Attracting and retaining top quality professors and researchers, especially in the accounting realm remains one of the Telfer School's top priorities. The shortage of accounting doctorates in Canada makes attracting exceptional scholars and teachers extremely competitive. Logan Katz’s support and leadership is invaluable to the Telfer School of Management’s hiring and retention strategy.