Eugène Tassé Entrepreneurial Culture Challenge Finals held on September 17th

The Eugène Tassé Entrepreneurial Culture Challenge is a competition during which Telfer School of Management students develop an action plan with the intention of attaining their personal and professional goals, as well as financial freedom. From the numerous interested students, 16 were chosen to participate in the 2008-2009 Challenge, the final were held on September 17th.

In the photo, we recognize Eugène Tassé (centre), sponsor of this Challenge, as well as the competition winners (from left to right), Émilie Paiement (1st place – $7500), Sam Uytterhaeghe (3rd place – $2000), Emmanuelle Villeneuve (2nd place – $3000) and Yanie Durocher (4th place). After one year of workshops, mentoring, presentations and serious effort, these four students were able to integrate entrepreneurial culture into their daily lives.

The Career Centre wishes to thank all the participating students as well as the mentors, workshop facilitators, judges, and Eugène Tassé for his generosity.