On December 7, 2010, the 6 best of the 24 participating teams presented their analysis and recommendations to a group of Procter & Gamble representatives, headed by Sales and Marketing Manager Kathy Litalien, and the two professors of the Consumer Behaviour course, Leila Hamzaoui and Michael Mulvey. Congratulations to the winners!

1st place

  • Jen Butson
  • Jennifer Hawryliw
  • Geoffrey Kedvessy
  • Jonathan Ledoux
  • Brennan Loh

2nd  place

  • Guillermo Alonso Nunez
  • Daniela Hernandez Garate
  • Jessica Hyde
  • Andrew Lowry
  • Christina Sluyter

3rd place

  • Emmanuelle Vernet
  • Daniel Gardtman
  • Rob Thompson
  • Victor Bergstrom
  • Jessica Gharib

As well as building their skills and experience, the finalists will also participate in P&G’s 2011/2012 recruitment effort (summer internships and permanent jobs, mostly at P&G’s head office in Toronto – information at http://canada.experiencepg.com/).