For their Consumer Behaviour class, around 50 students from the Telfer School of Management put together marketing strategies for the Festival franco-ontarien (FFO).

The students had to suggest a marketing communication strategy that would enable the festival to attract more people aged between 15-25 while retaining its current clientele.

Among the 11 student teams, three were selected to present their ideas in front of Sébastien Lorquet, President of FFO's board, Josée Vaillancourt, Secretary of the FFO board, Daniel Simoncic, FFO’s General Director and Nathalie Brunette, Communications Director of the FFO.

Congratulations to the winning team composed of:  

Team 8 : Antoine Bégin, Julie Boucher, Vincent Labbé, Gabrielle Belhumeur et Alexandre Joubert.

The two finalist teams were composed of:

Team 7: Aymeric Anne Beard, Laurence Guimond, Laurent Rioux, Joëlle Thériault et Jade Thérien.

Team 4: Jennifer Nadia Capogreco, Isabelle Gagnon, Oubah Meraneh, Sonia Munezero, Gaël Narame.

The 38th edition of the Festival franco-ontarien will take place June 13, 14 and 15, 2013 at Major Park in Ottawa.