In preparation for this event, CASCO students spend countless hours auditioning, choreographing, and organizing this annual gala show that focuses on the talents of Telfer School students, and raises money for CHEO as well as a CHEO family in need.  The CHEO family for 2011 is a young boy and his mother from Ethiopia, whose life was recently saved by the work of doctors and neurologists at CHEO.  The generous donations collected throughout the evening were given to this family to help cover the cost of their hospital bills.

For the past 13 years, CASCO has been a major event for the Telfer School of Management that is entirely choreographed, organised and executed by like-minded Telfer School students.  It is a spectacular show of talent and philanthropy that brings together over 500 people including prominent community leaders and ambassadors for CHEO.  Among the attendees this year were Mayor Jim Watson, CHEO Foundation COO Kevin Keohane, Dean François Julien, former Dean Micheál Kelly, Ottawa City Councillor Mathieu Fleury, Max Keeping and CASCO co-founders Alexandre St-Jean and Tuan Nguyen. This event is also an excellent networking opportunity for Telfer School students who will be graduating in the near future.

The Telfer School remains very proud of its CASCO students for the time and energy that they focus on this event ever year and the positive impact that they leave on our community.