Dr. Joseph Doucet (B.Mgt.Sc.) was recently appointed as Dean, Faculty of Business (also known as the Alberta School of Business), for a five-year term.
He joined the University of Alberta in 2000 as Associate Professor and H&R Drilling Professor of Regulatory Economics, was quickly promoted to Professor and became the Enbridge Professor of Energy Policy. He assumed leadership roles as Academic Director of the Centre for Applied Business Research in Energy and the Environment (CABREE); Director of the School of Energy and the Environment (SEE); and Academic Director of the Centre for Regulatory Affairs at the Van Horne Institute (a private research enterprise with affiliations to UAlberta and UCalgary). Dr. Doucet is known as an international expert in energy regulation and markets.
In the last 18 months, Joseph served as Interim Dean of the Alberta School of Business, quickly broadening and deepening his understanding of the School, its culture, its opportunities and all that the Dean of the Alberta School of Business’ role entails. With exceptional leadership abilities, Joseph guided the Faculty’s development of a vision of global leadership; successfully recruited outstanding academic staff; and brought greater focus on student mentorship and research. Joseph has qualities that build trust and relationships; he is respectful, sincere, collegial, industrious, and enthusiastic. His reputation has greatly increased within the University and externally with government, industry, and especially Alumni. Indeed, he is a community leader in Edmonton, in Alberta and nationally, and as his reputation has increased, so also has the School’s.