For Scott McLaren, Telfer was an opportunity to learn, develop his skills and meet the people with whom he would later build professional and personal relationships. After choosing Telfer because of the school’s reputation and his desire to be in a big city with a small-town feel, Scott completed his Bachelors in Commerce in 2006.

After purchasing Festival Promotions in 2009 and becoming Partner and President of the company, Scott and a fellow Telfer alumnus founded Baron Hockey in 2016, which provides high-end hockey sticks to consumers without the retail mark up.

Reflecting on his time at Telfer, Scott recalls several professors and courses that had a profound impact on his future. “He put such a strong focus on doing business the right way and that has stuck with me all of these years” Scott says about the late Professor Koppel, former professor in management at Telfer.  Some of Scott’s fondest memories at Telfer are from his latter year courses, where he worked on group projects with classmates that he describes as “brilliant”; Scott has enjoyed the opportunity to watch their success over the years.

Scott credits his alma mater for the broad professional and personal network he has built since his graduation, as well as introducing the people into his life that inspire him the most, such as his wife Lindsay. After having the chance to create deep and meaningful relationships while studying to build his career, Scott expresses that his alma mater has helped connect him to what matters in his life, such as his family, friends, and his ability to operate a business.