Michael Chambers’ (BCom 1970) office at law firm Maclaren Corlett, on the 14th floor of a mirror-glassed, high-rise in downtown Ottawa, is filled with mementos. Each comes with a rich anecdote conveyed with a search engine-like recall of names, dates, facts and figures.

On one wall, there’s a snapshot of the scene on July 2, 2003 in Prague when it was announced that Vancouver had won the bid to host the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Chambers, with his trademark moustache, is unmistakeable. Next to him is then-prime minister Jean Chrétien and then-Vancouver mayor, now senator, Larry Campbell. Framed under glass on another wall is an official podium jacket given to Canadian athletes, right above a print of the Magna Carta and a small plaque noting Chambers’ induction into the City of Ottawa Hall of Fame.

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