Make Missions Work

Dave Adamson The mission of the organization matters most to me. In the context of working at Shared Services Canada, my goal is to find solutions that help Canadians have their service needs met. We support all the technology services that enable people to be safe and secure, to benefit from our social safety net, and even to pay taxes in support all the priorities and activities of government. My mission now is the most ambitious I’ve ever been a part of: to create the new platform for governments at all levels so that information is gathered and used for the benefit of all Canadians. I want to help make our governments achieve excellence in gathering, using and safeguarding information.

Telfer School of Management made it possible for me to take on this challenge. Because of the Telfer Executive MBA, I have gained skills, acquired knowledge, cultivated new ways of thinking, and I have reached a much higher level of contribution for my employer. Along with turning me into a high-performing communicator, thinker and strategist, Telfer also taught me to appreciate the advantages of diversity. Organizations are made up of people at different stages of their careers, and we collectively face the challenges of achieving the mission. We can rise up to the challenges because of our diverse skills, perspectives, capabilities and experiences. The Telfer Executive MBA equipped me with the awareness and ability to bring together teams whose members have specific blends of strengths and capacities.

These are the kind of teams that succeed in completing missions and improving how governments operate. Which is vital, because the status quo is no longer an option—for people and for organizations. People must always look to enhance their knowledge—just as I did—and government departments must always look to give their people opportunities to apply what they know to make missions work.


Five remarkable alumni, including David Adamson, will be recognized for their outstanding contributions to the world of business, healthcare, community and their alma mater at the 2016 Telfer School of Management Gala of Excellence. The Gala will be held at the Shaw Centre on Saturday, October 15, 2016. This will also be an opportunity to collectively celebrate our alma mater and highlight the graduation anniversary of the classes of 1966, 1976, 1991 and 2006.

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