In 1992, Michael was selected among 5300 candidates to be one of Canada's next generation of astronauts. Michael retired from the military in 2001, and seeking ever-greater challenges, began to work with PixeLINK in 2002. As president, Michael provided strategic direction to the company and ensured that PixeLINK provided the best products to customers as well as the most value to shareholders.

Michael left the company in 2008 to become an independent consultant and CEO of the Ottawa Flight College/Ottawa Flying Club. He helped the organization to transition from a club to an operating business with the development and formulation of policies and procedures and the creation of corporate learning processes that have enabled the organization grow and adapt to changing business conditions. In addition, he revamped the IT system, implementing an open-source Enterprise Resource Planning system that automated business processes and improved reporting and control, while replacing several other software systems and eliminating redundant manual data entry. He has also been instrumental in maintaining strong stakeholder relationships with key partners and suppliers of the company.

In 2012, Michael became the CEO of Scouts Canada.

Mike holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada and an Executive MBA from the Telfer School of Management.