Invest Ottawa is working with nearly 20 community organizations to organize Global Entrepreneurship Week Ottawa. They were asked to submit nominations for the 100 Rising Stars among leaders who operate a business, social enterprise or charitable organization. To be chosen as a Rising Star, the key criteria included creativity, growth of the operation, and overall impact in the community.

Ten Telfer School of Management students or alumni appear on that list:

Eric Dormer, MBA 1993
Jen Butson, BCom 2011
Lori Keith, EMBA 2010
Mark Edwards, EMBA 2000
Michael Alam, EMBA 2009
Mohammad Al Azzouni, Student in Economics with a Minor in Business Administration
Richard Bergman, BCom 1988
Robert Poole, BCom 1987
Sarah Wise, BCom 2000
Rouzbeh Zadeh, EMBA candidate

Click here [This link is no longer available] to see the full list.