Andreas Souvaliotis

The morning of October 20, 2010 marked this year’s launch of the Alumni Breakfast Speaker Series. The Breakfast was themed "Corporate Social Responsibility: The new spectrum of opportunities" and featured guest speaker: Andreas Souvaliotis, Chief Impact Officer & General Manager, AIR MILES for Social Change

About the presentation

For the majority of corporations sustainability is still just a matter of compliance – simply keeping up with regulations, consumer expectations and media scrutiny. To a growing minority, however, it’s becoming an issue of strategic leadership - adjusting business models to the coming realities of a low-carbon economy. And then, there are those few who have adopted a truly transformative approach that actually influences and inspires a meaningful shift well beyond their own corporate boundaries.

Start the day by hearing about a unique Canadian example of truly transformative environmental leadership. The Chief Impact Officer of LoyaltyOne, the company that “makes” AIR MILES, will explain how reach, trust, engagement and authenticity, mixed in with a good deal of corporate courage, can deliver a sustainability program that inspires broad changes both within and outside the organization. He’ll share how LoyaltyOne now collaborates with government agencies across our entire country while also building its own brand and bottom line. And he’ll explain the critical role of employees – as brand ambassadors – in promoting a corporation’s social responsibility values.