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SAWI's Four-Year Journey to Crafting the MENA Women's Inclusion Indices Happier

Date & Time

February 6–7, 2024



The SAWI (Support and Accelerate Women's Inclusion) Project is proud to announce its upcoming event, a significant milestone in assessing and advancing inclusive human resource policies and practices in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

​Following the 2021 original INDEX ​release, SAWI will unveil the key findings relating to women's inclusion in workplaces across the MENA. This marks the culmination of four years of rigorous research and co-creation, capturing the progress and challenges in the Recruitment, Retention, and Promotion (RRP) of women in the formal economies of the region.

At the core of this event are the findings from the KIP Index and the Lived Experience Index  – offering a comprehensive look into employer policies and women's workplace experiences in the MENA region. SAWI, alongside local partners, have undertaken a vast data collection process, involving over 3000 employer surveys and nearly 1000 structured interviews with working women. Taken together, the two indices have provided a unique sector-based picture of women's workplace experiences and women-inclusive HR structures in the MENA.

The event will spotlight the perspectives of both women and employers in the MENA region, including Algeria, Bahrain, Iraq, Libya, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, and Kuwait, and covering four sectors: Higher Education, Healthcare, Banking, and STEM. This interdisciplinary, multi-country, multi-sector, multi-lingual, and multi-generational project aims to present a nuanced picture of the current workplace realities.

Join us at this upcoming SAWI event where we'll unveil eye-opening insights from the indices! This isn't just about statistics – it's a movement. We'll be diving into the latest trends and groundbreaking strategies that are shaping the future of women's roles in the MENA region. But it doesn't end there. We'll wrap up with a powerful call to action, challenging each of us to adopt more inclusive HR practices. Be a part of the change that transforms how women are recruited, retained, and promoted in the region. Your presence could make all the difference!

This is an opportunity to work collectively towards identifying existing policy gaps and taking actionable recommendations towards inclusion, offering a roadmap for organizations and policymakers to foster more equitable and inclusive workplaces.



  • Format: Virtual Zoom event.
  • Language: English with simultaneous interpretation to Arabic and French.
  • Livestreamed: SAWI's YouTube channel.

The sessions will include interactive presentations and Sector-based breakout sessions, poll questions, and a Q&A session at the end. 


Participants who attend both days will receive a certificate of attendance.​


Click here to check the events's program. ​
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