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New Faculty Seminar Series - Rafid Mahmood

Optimizing Data Collection for Machine Learning

Date & Time

June 19, 2023


DMS 4165


Kathy Cunningham

Artificial intelligence (AI) systems using deep learning are trained with massive data sets. However, there is little guidance on how much or what kind of data is needed to train these models. Over-collecting data incurs unnecessary costs, while under-collecting may delay workflows with post hoc costs. We propose a new framework to model the data collection workflow as a formal optimal data collection problem that allows designers to specify performance targets, collection costs, a time horizon, and penalties for failing to meet the targets. This formulation generalizes to tasks with multiple data vendors and permits custom analyses such as how to upgrade an existing AI model or to choose between competing collection policies. To solve our problem, we develop Learn-Optimize-Collect (LOC), which estimates and minimizes expected collection costs. Finally, we numerically compare our framework to the conventional baseline of estimating data requirements by extrapolating from neural scaling laws. We significantly reduce the risks of failing to meet performance targets on six computer vision applications, while maintaining low total collection costs. 

About the Speaker

Rafid Mahmood is an Assistant Professor at the University of Rafid Mahmood Ottawa Telfer School of Management. From 2020-2022, he was a research scientist at the NVIDIA Toronto AI Lab. From 2019-2021, he was a Postgraduate Affiliate of the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence. He received his BASc and MASc in Electrical Engineering, as well as his PhD in Industrial Engineering, all from the University of Toronto.

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