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GGS ASI Research Café Greener

Talk with Domenico Dentoni, Editor of Business & Society Journal

Date & Time

January 27, 2022


This is an online event


Marie C. Allard


Please contact us by Jan 19th if you have any particular accessibility requirements.

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Join us January 27th for a GGS ASI Research Café. This event will feature  Domenico Dentoni (Montpellier Business School, France), guest editor of an upcoming special issue of Business & Society on the topic of "Cross-Sector Partnerships and Socio-Ecological Systems Change: Navigating Tensions between Resilience and Transformation" will discuss the topic, and the kinds of contributions being requested. 

Participants will be invited to ask questions and take part in a conversation with Domenico Dentoni regarding this special issue.

About the special issue of Business & Society 

For this special issue,  scholars are invited to connect the conversations on Socioecological systems (SES) and Cross-Sector Partnerships (CSPs) by studying the linkages that may take place, at multiple scales and in multiple directions, between the organization of CSPs and processes of socio-ecological resilience and transformation. Socio-ecological resilience generally refers to the processes through which SES cope with, rebound after and adapt to shocks and crises without collapsing (Folke et al., 2010; Linnenluecke, 2017). Socio-ecological transformations entail fundamental, path-breaking changes in systems at multiple scales (Westley et al., 2013; Waddock, 2020). Examples of such transformations include cities developing plans to revolutionize urban mobility, the agricultural sector re-organizing according to principles of circularity and regeneration, or an international coalition of states enforcing plans towards carbon neutrality. In this Special Issue, we are particularly interested in the dynamic tensions that organizations like CSPs face between the need for socio-ecological transformations and the striving for socio-ecological resilience. 

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