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Tags: leadership, Leadership Development, Motivation

What does it mean to be a leader?  Read more ›

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Tags: Ambassador Program, volunteer, involvement

One of the main reasons I joined the Telfer Career Centre as an ambassador was because someone told me it would be a great way to learn how to network. The Centre allowed me to start networking in a pressure-free environment. As I started volunteering at networking events and information sessions held by various employers, I was able to practise networking easily. In many of these events, I had to communicate with our guest employers to ensure everything goes smoothly. The best part is that I was paired with another student, usually a volunteer. This proved to be especially important during my first few networking events. It made all the difference knowing that I had a partner there with me.  Read more ›


Tags: Time management, Productivity

Being a student is time-consuming. From studying for midterms to participating in extracurricular activities, going to networking events to advance your career, and finding time to socialize, life can get overwhelming.   Read more ›

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“I have been teaching the undergraduate course in Organizational Behaviour for many years now. While I teach at all levels at the Telfer School of Management, this class is particularly close to my heart. It is a required course, which means that some students are super excited about the material, while others take it because they have to. Regardless, it is wonderful to share my passion for OB with all my students.  Read more ›

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Tags: Interview, rejection

You polished up your resume. You had your cover letter proofread 4 times. You made sure to tie your experience and abilities to the expectations of the role, all while infusing your personal brand and tone. You did your research on the company culture and voiced how you would fit in and excel there. You did your absolute best and you didn’t hear back. Ouch. It hurts.  Read more ›

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Foreign students in Canada do not always have an easy time building the foundations for a solid career. Indeed, international students face a number of obstacles when searching for work. This article deals with this subject and provides advice to all international students.  Read more ›

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“The Capital Markets Program (CMP), also known as Telfer Capital Fund (TCF), gives students the opportunity to gain real-life experiences in financial investment during their school years. Through listening to different speakers that came in to discuss what their jobs are like, I had the opportunity to better understand what working in the field of Capital Markets looks like. I am thankful for my experience with the CMP thus far. I have been on a steep learning curve. I have had the opportunity to not only develop valuation skills but also apply the knowledge acquired to real-life scenarios. I feel like I’ve gotten accelerated through school! I would encourage anyone who is passionate about the capital markets to apply to join the CMP. For those who are still in the discovery phase, I would encourage them to come to workshops hosted by the program to get a feel for what it really is and ask questions.”  Read more ›

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Tags: Interview, Interview Tips

I used to think that an interview involved simply preparing for it, arriving on time, presenting your best self during the interview and then leaving and waiting to see what happens. I didn’t understand what we should be doing over and above the interview itself.  Read more ›

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Tags: Accounting, Humans of Telfer, Professor Profile

“Focus and commitment. These are the keys to a better life and future. To succeed in life, just as in the game of golf, we require focus. If you lose focus, the ball won’t go where you want it to. You must be committed to the shot. Comparing Managerial Accounting to golf, there are many things in common: how the quality of the decisions we make are positively correlated with the impacts of these decisions. In life, we can make plans but sometimes it is better to leave things unpredicted and follow the path that is presented to us.  Read more ›

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Tags: Career Planning, Career Development

It’s never too early to start planning for your career! Whether you’re in your first term of university or your last, it’s important to start thinking about what you’re going to do once you graduate.  Read more ›

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