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Marie Emmanuelle Kouadio
Marie Emmanuelle Kouadio
4th Year Finance Student

When approaching graduation, most students start asking themselves a number of questions: Was this the right degree for me? What will I do with it later on? Should I pursue a master’s degree right away? Should I take a break and travel the world? Or should I work to gain experience? Am I falling behind my peers?

These are all questions that I have asked myself. I have to admit that the most difficult thing is to get out of “panic mode”. However, it will make it much easier for you to organize your thoughts, pursue your ideas more calmly and come to a decision (or at least narrow down your options).

For me, I was able to climb out of the abyss ―if I can put it that way― by talking with professors, by meeting a professional, who is also a coach, through a Career Centre workshop, but mostly by watching videos/messages from Simon Sinek and Gary Vaynerchuk, two thinkers who understand well the issues and challenges facing millennials.

I discovered Simon Sinek while watching motivational videos on YouTube. Among his videos, the ones I enjoy the most so far are those that address employee motivation and those that highlight millennials’ notorious impatience, whether it’s in terms of our relationships or career fulfillment. I became interested in him and went on to discover that he wrote several books, including Start with why, which I proudly added to my collection and can’t wait to read.

As for Gary Vaynerchuk, I discovered him on Instagram. He also has a YouTube channel and he’s the author of several books, including his most recent book Crushing it. As a seasoned entrepreneur, he enjoys helping people of all ages, but especially young people, find their way (you can find videos on this topic on his Instagram feed or on YouTube). He reminded me that at my young age, it is too early to say that I have failed, that I’m trailing behind, that I didn’t achieve anything. He reminded me that we have access to tremendous opportunities in this 21st century, as long as we take the time to reflect on what interests us, to get started and to hang on. His daily messages on Instagram re-energize me. Check them out and let me know what you think. J

As you can probably tell from my story, for me these two people and their ideas complement each other, and they have helped me regain perspective, especially in the moments where I’m tempted to feel sorry for myself when I see a handful of young people my age who already have a lot of success in their various fields. While I’m still busy “trying to find myself”…  

I’m not saying that this is a miracle solution that will get all your questions answered with the snap of a finger. Far from it. But in those times when you think everything is falling apart or that the world doesn’t understand you, their ideas and messages will remind you that you are not alone, which is already quite reassuring. Even better, they will motivate you and help you analyze your own logic and thoughts. They will comfort you when you have the impression that your friends and family don’t understand you and they will help illuminate the path that is your life.

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