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You have successfully gone through the process of having your resumé reviewed by recruiters and you are now at the interview stage, where you will have to convince them to hire you. It’s your time to shine and set yourself apart from other candidates. By paying close attention to your outfit and to the way you stand, you will be able to do just that.

1. Do some research on the company
First of all, find out about the hiring company. You should normally do this before you send out your resumé, so that you know what you could be getting into and whether the values ​​of the company are in line with yours. You can even adjust your outfit to the company culture.

2. Don’t try too hard
Choose a sober and professional outfit that is a little less casual than what you would normally wear in this position. Avoid low-cut tops, loud and bold colours, heavy makeup, short skirts or high heels. The goal is not to distract the recruiter from what you are saying.

3. Avoid perfume
Avoid wearing perfume since it can be unpleasant to someone who doesn’t share your tastes. Instead, choose a light eau de toilette.

4. Pay attention to your posture
Adjust your posture according to the message you want to convey. Stand upright and lean slightly toward the other person without crossing your legs and arms. And most importantly, maintain eye contact with the recruiter and don’t forget to smile.

Good luck to you all!





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