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Juan Franlin Karamoy

What is the purpose of going to a networking event? The most common answer is to meet new people that may be mutually beneficial for each party. However, the purpose can be as simple as to make new friends! Here are 5 useful tips that you can instantly do that may improve your networking skills!

Put on the Best Smile

Nothing can beat a genuine and sincere smile. Not only is smiling good for you, but smiling is also contagious! Smiling during networking events will make you seem like a nice and open person.

Give a Solid Handshake

No one likes to hold on to a dead fish nor likes getting their hand crushed. Therefore, being able to give a firm handshake, not too soft nor too hard, is important to give a positive first impression.

Have a Sturdy Posture

This is not only good to do during networking events, but also great to do everywhere and anywhere! Great posture translates to confidence, and people generally tend to gravitate more towards those that are confident.

Find a Common Ground

The truth is people are more likely to be attracted to those that are similar to them, such as people that came from the same city. Thus, finding a commonality right of the bat might give a kick start to your conversation.

Get their Business Cards!

Or any other form of contact information is just as good. This is a crucial step in networking because getting their contact information will allow you to stay in touch which may lead to great future opportunities!

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