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Gracia Djokouehi
Gracia Djokouehi
4th Year Finance Student

As you know (or not if you are a new student), the Career Centre has an Ambassador Program, which brings together several enthusiastic and talented students to promote Career Centre activities and services. Ambassadors work closely with Career Centre staff to improve student experience at Telfer. To this end, we have the honour of introducing the Ambassador Team for the 2017-2018 academic year!

There are 26 ambassadors to guide you through your experience with the Career Centre. You are in good hands since this year we are lucky to count on former ambassadors from previous years. These 7 returning ambassadors all have the experience and knowledge to help new ambassadors fulfill their roles. The team is already working closely and looking forward to this year’s challenges!

But, you might wonder, who are these ambassadors? Where do they come from? What are their fields of study? Actually, ambassadors are students like you and me. This means that they span across all years of study, starting from the second year — although most of them are currently in their second year — and they span across most of Telfer's specializations: The vast majority are in Finance and Accounting, but there are also ambassadors in Marketing, International Management, and Human Resources. That’s not all! Our ambassadors come from all over Canada, but also from many other countries, reflecting the diversity of the entire Telfer community. Some ambassadors are bilingual (French and English) and some even speak three languages! There are ambassadors who speak Spanish, Arabic, Cebuano, Polish, Agni, Russian...

Apart from that, ambassadors are resourceful in other ways, since they have used other services at the University and the Telfer School. Many of our ambassadors are actively involved in other activities at the School, beyond the Career Centre. Don’t be surprised to see ambassadors in Telfer clubs like CASCO, DECA, TMCGT, the Finance Society and many others! Do not hesitate to ask them questions about clubs if you have any! In addition, some ambassadors are also mentors and volunteer ambassadors for the University’s Centre for Global and Community Engagement. As you can see, our ambassadors are not just engaged in Career Centre activities, they are also a useful resource for other topics.

On that note, let’s end with some advice from our ambassadors on what they wish they had been told before they started at Telfer. The ambassadors are unanimous: participating in Career Centre activities is their top piece of advice! They also recommend getting involved in clubs, approaching professors and making connexions, visiting the finance lab and getting the related certificates; but also enrolling in Career Centre programs such as the International Career Mentorship Program, the Profession of Management Consulting Program (PMCP), the Capital Markets Mentorship Program (CMMP), etc.

Finally, it’s important to plan your career from the start! But above all make friends, socialize, and enjoy!

If you would like to know more about the team of ambassadors, you can visit the Career Centre’s website.

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