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You probably attended various networking events these past semesters within or even outside of the University while having different experiences every time you networked. Whether you easily got connected with many people or were barely able to talk to at least one person there, we all know that preparation is the key to success at networking events.

As classes have started and you have figured out your schedule, now is the perfect time to start preparing for one of the biggest networking events for 3rd and 4th year students at the Telfer School of Management.

I would like to remind you of some preparation tips that students tend to pay little attention to while preparing for Telfer Connects.

1) ​Update Your Resumé

It sounds straight-forward but you should make sure that your resumé is relevant for the attending employers and up-to-date for the event.

  • Try to avoid putting too much information but rather focus on the experiences that the employers will value the most
  • Add to your resumé experiences that you have recently gained including the summer 2017 if it is applicable
  • Ask your friends to proofread your resumé to avoid any spelling and grammar mistakes

If you need any help with your resumé, the Career Centre hosts Resumé 101 clinics, or you can schedule a one-on-one consultation with an advisor that will help you to improve your resumé.

2) Prepare Your Professional Attire in Advance

On the day of the event your outfit should be ready to go. Therefore, it will be safe to iron your attire the night prior to the event and to make sure that you have all the necessary items. This will allow you to have time to get the missing components if needed and be less stressed about your outfit on the day of event.

3) Do Your Homework

You can find the list of companies attending Telfer Connects on the registration page. From the provided list, it will be more efficient to choose a few companies that you are interested in and learn more information about them. In addition, you can search the latest news regarding these companies and use them as topics to lead the conversation. This type of preparation will allow you to have smoother and more casual conversations and show your interest about the companies.


4) Refresh Your Networking Skills

Although you might have attended some workshops regarding the networking strategies, it will not hurt to refresh some knowledge about this subject matter. Here are some basic networking strategies:

Before the Event

  • Dress well and be well groomed

At the Event

  • Have a casual conversation instead of always trying to pitch yourself
  • Bring business cards

After the Event

  • Follow up with anyone whom you plan to add to your networks

I have mentioned only a few but not all the networking tips that will benefit the students at Telfer Connects. Fortunately, the Career Centre offers a workshop, named “Preparing for a Telfer Networking Event” to all Telfer students signed up for the event where a career counselor will go over other important tips and strategies to help you to succeed and stand out at the event. Make sure to register for the workshop as it is specifically designed to increase your networking opportunities at the event, and don’t forget to come and showcase your networking skills this Thursday at Telfer Connects. See you there!

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