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Jinna Lin
Jinna Lin
2nd Year Human Resource Student

As Telfer students, we spend a good amount of time preparing for and attending networking events. But how much time do we spend after the event maintaining our network? The truth is, follow-ups after a networking event are often forgotten, even though they are also important!

Here are 4 tips to help you build strong relationships after attending networking events:

1) Prioritize your contacts
Sort through your contacts based on their relevance to you, and your goals. As you attend networking events, you will likely receive a number of business cards from new contacts. Out of all the business cards that you receive, you will want to aim in building solid professional relationship with a few key people. Keep in mind that a small step like this goes a long way!

2) Timeliness is key
Follow up while memories between the two of you are still fresh. Shoot a simple thank you message on LinkedIn or through email. Ask for their opinions on matters that they can assist you with. You can check in on a regular basis with messages that really don’t have to be long! Don't wait until a week or a month after the event to follow up, because employers may not remember you = will not respond.

3) Invite them out for a coffee or lunch
The best communication channel is face-to-face. Sitting down one on one gives you the opportunity to engage in better conversation and also a chance for them to understand who you are as a person.

4) Be yourself
Present yourself with confidence. If you find yourself in a position where you’re behaving differently than you would otherwise, then it's likely that you’re trying to act to impress. This can often make the connection between you and the employer seems disingenuous. Keep it real. 

A strong network doesn’t come easily, you have to build and maintain it as you go. And it's never too late to start connecting!

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