Leadership Development 

So what does leadership mean to you? Is it merely people with great management skills along with specific traits?  This is a broad question, since everyone has their own definition of a leader. I’d like to give you some of my personal insights and advice for developing YOUR leadership skills.

An open mindset - As you develop to become a leader, learning to embrace mistakes and failure are important. Success does not necessarily come easily, and you should be clear of one thing: It’s OK if you make mistakes at work or at some point in your life. The key should be what you will do to improve upon your mistakes. Remember to never let fear of making mistakes draw you back from pursuing your goals, even if the future seems like a blur at this moment.

Self-reflection is important - Keep in mind that, ultimately, you choose the person you will become. That being said, being a leader means constantly monitoring how you portrait yourself and abiding by, perhaps, certain ethical principles to avoid being negatively influenced by fraud, bribery, and other corruptions. You can have all the success in this world, but without ethics, morals, and integrity rooted deep down within you, it’s much harder to do what’s right and you might miss out on the opportunity to have a positive impact in the world. Leaders also contribute to a positive trickle-down effect since they become role models for others.

Discover your own passion - If you pay attention to all the successful business people out there, you’ll find that passion is one of the underlying key ingredients that led them to their success today.  I’d encourage you to take time to think about your own passion, and perhaps link it to your career prospect.

Getting involved - Aside from being a Career Centre Ambassador, I took on the role of an Exchange Participant Manager at AIESEC. This type of involvement helps shape your leadership development through practical experience by exposing you to challenging work environments. At the end of the day, it shouldn’t just be about getting a degree -- You need experience!

AIESEC cultivates young talents across the world, allowing students’ transition into the job market to be much smoother. If you are seeking personal and professional development and global impact, then AIESEC is the right place for you!

Here are some benefits of joining:

  • You will have the opportunity to grow your professional network to develop skills that will increase your chance of employability upon graduation.
  • This leads you to a new journey of self-discovery and possibility of a positive impact on others.
  • Gain access to an international network and help your resumé to stand out more.
  • You can do Co-op or an internship through AIESEC.

What better ways to start off 2018? Not only will you be able to go to exciting countries but your entire journey will be carefully monitored and assisted by our AIESEC members. What is there to lose? Come join us on an exchange!

To sign up for further information or an information session on AIESEC’s exchange opportunities please sign up or check out the information session on February 7