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Five easy steps to tailor your cover letter

Tags: Cover Letter, job search

The cover letter carries huge importance in a candidate’s job application as it represents a useful tool in understanding not only how a specific individual meets the requirements of the job, but also what unique skills and abilities they can bring that set them apart from other candidates. That is why you must remember to TAILOR your cover letter to the specific organization and position. These next five steps can aid in this process.  Read more ›

What is your resumé IQ? Discover if your resumé helps or impairs your job search

Tags: job search, resumé

We can all agree that our first impression on a recruiter can be decisive. We look for a job, find an interesting posting, and boom, we apply, often without knowing if our resumé will help or impair our results. But what if we were making mistakes without realizing it…  Read more ›

6 Skills Too Many Candidates Forget to Include on Their Resume

Tags: job search, resumé, tips

When creating your resume, there are so many appropriate skills you could include. It’s only natural that a few things will be overlooked. Here are 6 crucial skills that too many candidates forget to include.  Read more ›

Mastering the Art of – Virtual – Coffee Chats

Tags: Networking, job search

Whether an employer wants to get to know you in an informal and more personable setting, or if you want to reach out to a professional you admire to acquire more information and advice, coffee chats are for you! They provide you with a setting where conversation can flow organically and each party can learn more about the other. Remember however that coffee chats still require you to prepare. Job opportunities are possible at any time, and you must be prepared to impress a prospective employer. Due to the current circumstances, virtual coffee chats are more and more common. Here are some tips and trick to help you master either your next virtual or in-person coffee chat:  Read more ›

Three Easy Tips on How to Improve your LinkedIn Profile

Tags: job search, LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become an invaluable tool for anyone looking to enter – or grow in – the job market. It is very common for recruiters to look at the LinkedIn profiles of their candidates to know more about them. Indeed, just as your resumé, your LinkedIn profile provides a wealth of relevant information.  Read more ›

How Using Mindfulness in your Job Search can be a Game Changer

As students and professionals, you may already have developed several job-search strategies: a solid resumé ready, multiple job alerts set up, and a vast LinkedIn network. But did you know that practising mindfulness can also help you optimize your job‑search results in many ways?  Read more ›

The Worst Mistakes You Could Make in Your Cover Letter

Tags: Cover Letter, job search

As anachronic as a formal letter may appear in this era of rapid and instant communications, the cover letter remains a key component of your self-marketing package. Although not all employers require one, you should try your hand at it before you actually need to draft and submit one officially. It may take a little more time than you expect. If you don’t want your application to be rejected based on the quality of your cover letter, keep in mind the purpose of your cover letter and the pitfalls you should avoid in it.  Read more ›

How to Nail Your Next Video Interview

If you are looking for a job and have not yet been interviewed for a job via Zoom, Teams, Skype, or any kind of video platform, you may be part of a minority. You probably already know the basics, but we wanted to refresh your memory so that you can prepare.  Read more ›

COVID-19: EDC’s Recent Hires from Telfer Share Their Virtual Onboarding Experience

Early Spring is my favourite time of the year for our student program. It’s when I finally get to see months of networking, attending events, and interviewing come to life in the form of new student hires all in one room eager to kick off summer onboarding.  Read more ›

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