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Five easy steps to tailor your cover letter

Tags: Cover Letter, job search

The cover letter carries huge importance in a candidate’s job application as it represents a useful tool in understanding not only how a specific individual meets the requirements of the job, but also what unique skills and abilities they can bring that set them apart from other candidates. That is why you must remember to TAILOR your cover letter to the specific organization and position. These next five steps can aid in this process.  Read more ›

The Worst Mistakes You Could Make in Your Cover Letter

Tags: Cover Letter, job search

As anachronic as a formal letter may appear in this era of rapid and instant communications, the cover letter remains a key component of your self-marketing package. Although not all employers require one, you should try your hand at it before you actually need to draft and submit one officially. It may take a little more time than you expect. If you don’t want your application to be rejected based on the quality of your cover letter, keep in mind the purpose of your cover letter and the pitfalls you should avoid in it.  Read more ›

How to Achieve THE Perfect Cover Letter

Tags: Cover Letter, job search, resumé

When applying for a position, you are often, if not always, asked to attach a cover letter along with your resume. Many believe that this is a step of the application process that can be skipped. However, cover letters are not a pass. Far from it.  Read more ›

6 Tips for Writing a Good Cover Letter

Tags: Cover Letter

Did you know that recruiters only spend about 6 seconds reviewing each resumé in their pile? When everyone has a good GPA and similar work experience what can help you stand out? A good cover letter is definitely the answer. In this post, I will share my 6 tips on how to write a successful cover letter.  Read more ›

How to Write a Great Cover Letter

Tags: Cover Letter, job search, resumé, jobs

Are you applying for jobs and having a hard time writing your cover letter? You are not alone. Many students, myself included, find that cover letters can be very tricky to write.  Read more ›

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