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Aya Jaffari
Aya Jaffari
2nd Year Finance Student

With exams fast approaching, many students are on the hunt for the best study spots. Let me help you with this by listing some places on campus that you could adopt during your exam preparation.

  • Morisset: The University’s library consists of 6 floors, some of them being quieter than others. To study in groups, the 5th floor is your best option while the 6th floor will be better suited to those looking for a quieter space. The only downside: you have to go there early to reserve a spot during study periods.
  • Quiet room in Morisset: Since the library closes at 2 a.m., the study room in the basement of Morisset is open 24/7, and it’s a better choice option for students who want to study after this time.
  • Déjà-Vu student lounge: Located between the Thompson residence and Morisset, Déjà-Vu has three study rooms available for booking and two study rooms where you can sit with your food and your course notes if you want!
  • Fauteux: There, you will find chairs and tables, a coffee shop nearby and plenty of light during the day.
  • Lamoureux’s Café Go: Inside the café, you will find several tables to study in groups or alone, with coffee close at hand.
  • FSS: Tables and study lounges are set up throughout the building, and Première Moisson is located on the main floor for those of you who get cravings during their study sessions. (I plead guilty)
  • SITE: Although SITE is for engineering students, it’s accessible to everyone. There are a lot of tables and a quiet room on the second floor, which means that you’ll almost always find a spot!
  • Pérez: There is a library which all students can access on the 3rd floor. You will find offices and a study room.

Good luck during your exam preparation! Don’t forget to drink lots of water and eat lots of chocolate ☺.  

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