Did you know that it takes only 7 seconds for a person to make a first impression? Not to mention, people are attached to their first impressions. Now, when you meet a professional wouldn’t you want to give them a great first impression? You have to prove yourself and one of the key ways to do so is through the image that you project. In this article you'll find the most important things that you need keep in mind to enhance others’ perception of you.

1) Dress To Impress

In a networking setting or an interview, you must dress professionally. This way you show that you are well prepared for the occasion and it will serve you well in those first 7 seconds!

2) Stay Confident

Not only does your outfit show you off, but also your confidence. Body language strongly contributes to setting a good or bad first impression. Maintain a good posture and talk comfortably and what you say will be more easily received! Also, your manner will be engaging and will help the professional open up and have a great first impression of you.

3) A Good Handshake Goes a Long Way

No one likes a sloppy handshake and it sure doesn’t support your image. Neither does a very harsh handshake. Breaking their knuckles is not a good idea. A moderately firm handshake is more than perfect.

4) Never Forget To Maintain Eye Contact and Smile :)

As simple as it gets! A smile and eye contact should always accompany the handshake. Smiling makes you look more friendly. Even throughout the conversation maintain the eye contact and smile as long as it is appropriate. For a first impression you don’t want to seem like a person that is not welcoming.