Jenn Affleck
Jenn Affleck
2nd Year Management Student

As business students, we are constantly required to give presentations. Whether it be a marketing pitch to investors or an informative presentation on a new database, there are fundamental skills we must acquire to be great speakers. Giving presentations may be nerve-wracking, but with these small tips, you are sure to see improvement soon.

Tip #1: Know the Topic

This may seem obvious, but in order to effectively portray the information, you need to know exactly what is required and make sure you address every aspect of the topic. You first need to know if the presentation is informative or persuasive, as this will affect the language you use and the direction you take for addressing the topic. You then must determine all aspects of the topic that must be covered in your content. Don’t leave your audience confused, ensure you fully grasp the topic of your presentation.

Tip #2: Do your Research

Giving a meaningful presentation means having valuable content. Your audience wants to know reliable statistics and facts to support your content. For informative presentations, this is useful for portraying the information in a numeric format. For persuasive presentations, this can help you show evidence that a change needs to be made. Having quality research gives validity to your work and gives the impression of professionalism and mastery.

Tip #3: Practice

In order to get your message across to the audience effectively, you must be prepared. You need to deliver all the information to the audience and to do this in an effective and timely manner, you should plan your topic points and practice presenting them. This will help you feel more confident and allow you to have fun with your presentations!