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Knowledge Mobilization Information Session

Date & Time

March 19, 2024


Online - Zoom


Mireille Brownhill


Please advise us of any accomodation requests before March 15.

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Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) is about promoting and facilitating the use of research amongst knowledge users to help them make informed decisions about policies, programs, practices and behaviours. This can be done as end-of-grant KMb, often referred to as dissemination, or through cocreation practices by researchers and knowledge users.

Joins us to learn more about cocreation practices, including examples of participatory and inclusive research.

About the speakers

Nelson Dueñas is an assistant professor in accounting at the Telfer School of Management and has led participatory research initiatives with NGOs.

Roberto Ortiz Núñez is Senior Advisor, Knowledge Mobilization at the Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation (OVPRI) at the University of Ottawa.

Sandra Schillo is an associate professor at the Telfer School of Management and focuses her research on improved methodologies relating to the measurement of innovation, entrepreneurship and their impact.

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