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Mastering Engaging Talks for Graduate Students

Telfer Research Office

Date & Time

November 23, 2023


DMS 7170


Cynthia Tang

Female presenter interacting with a standing audience

In today's academic and professional realms, the ability to engagingly and effectively articulate complex ideas is paramount. This session offers graduate students insights on delivering a compelling presentation, engaging the audience, understanding the listeners’ backgrounds, and telling a story. Engaging audience members improves retention and amplifies the impact of the message. By recognizing and addressing listeners’ interests and needs, speakers can enhance the relevance and resonance of their content. Storytelling, a tool that is often underused in academia, helps to humanize content and make it more relatable. And lastly, strategically spotlighting three central takeaway points can ensure that the audience remembers the most vital information. Join us to reflect on your presentation style and learn some tips to better captivate your audience. This session will also touch on the significance of visual aids, body language, pacing, and how to adeptly manage Q&As.

About the Speaker

Dr. Charlotte Karam is a Full Professor at uOttawa’s Telfer School of Management, where she holds the Ian Telfer Professorship in Inclusive HR Systems. Prof. Karam’s work as a scholar-activist contributes to overlapping conversations in leadership, inclusive HR systems, business ethics, leadership development, public policy, and feminist praxis. In addition to the many talks she presents at academic conferences, Prof. Karam is frequently invited to speak at the United Nations and has been interviewed on CNN.

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