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Workshop with Matt Grimes

How to Publish in AMJ

Date & Time

June 8, 2023


DMS 7170


Kathy Cunningham

Matt Grimes, PhD

Come with your questions about publishing in the Academy of Management Journal!

About the Speaker

Matthew Grimes’s research examines how individuals and organisations create, introduce, and sustain positive social change by way of entrepreneurship. To this Matthew Grimes end he studies both the contextual factors (e.g. regional and institutional differences) that enable innovation and social change as well as the individual factors (e.g. demographic and identity differences) that motivate and sustain individuals’ commitment to such change. He studies these factors primarily in contexts such as social entrepreneurship and business incubators/accelerators, where attempts to create, introduce, and sustain social change and innovation are particularly important and challenging. Matthew currently serves as Associate Editor of the Academy of Management Journal.

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