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Net-Zero Energy - What will it take? Greener

Presented and hosted by: The Globe and Mail

Date & Time

April 13, 2023


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Globe and Mail

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Decarbonizing Canada’s energy industry will require unprecedented cooperation, investment, and infrastructure development. As urgency around the climate change response continues, there’s growing recognition of the need for collective action, new approaches, and faster progress toward net-zero. 

What are the main obstacles to decarbonizing energy in Canada today, and what are the solutions?

This webcast presented by The Globe and Mail will discuss how the energy industry in Canada should evolve to become more sustainable and innovative for all Canadians. 

The Telfer School of Management is the proud presenting sponsor of a series of 4 webcast events - Road to Prosperity – Ideas for a Better Canada to bring top thinkers and experts from across Canada together to chart a new way forward. 


Monica Gattinger, speaker


Dr. Monica Gattinger, Director, Institute for Science, Society and Policy, University of Ottawa



Jesse McCormick, speaker



Jesse McCormick, Director of Research, Innovation, and Legal Affairs, First Nations Major Projects Coalition



Annette Verschuren, speaker




Annette Verschuren, Chair and CEO, NRStor Inc.




Susannah Pierce, speaker


Susannah Pierce, Shell Canada Country Chair




Adam Radwanski, moderator



Adam Radwanski, Climate Change Columnist and Feature Writer, The Globe and Mail




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