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The year 2020 has transformed the world of employment by destroying some business models while making other more efficient than ever. Recruiters have embraced not only new practices, but also a renewed vision of their ideal candidates. If you’re wondering how to best position yourself in a game governed by new rules, discover the three following trends that are currently changing the world of recruitment.  Read more ›

On the Shy Side? Five Tips on How to Network Naturally

Tags: Networking, Networking Events, tips

“Pulling a good network together takes effort, sincerity and time” – Alan Collins  Read more ›

6 Skills Too Many Candidates Forget to Include on Their Resume

Tags: job search, resumé, tips

When creating your resume, there are so many appropriate skills you could include. It’s only natural that a few things will be overlooked. Here are 6 crucial skills that too many candidates forget to include.  Read more ›

Getting back to the basics: the not-so-obvious benefits of a classic resume format

Tags: resumé, tips

Times are evolving, and so are our ways of communicating. These new channels have also found their way into our professional life through the resume, which remains an essential part of career development. Simply put, your resumé allows employers to know who you are and what your skills are; it highlights your experience in an attractive manner. Why is it, then, that we have made it so complicated and clustered?  Read more ›

Five Virtual Networking Goals to Set for Yourself this Fall Term… and tips to achieve them

Tags: Networking, Networking Events, covid19, tips

After several months of confinement (and a very, VERY slow de-confinement), we are finally approaching our very first all-virtual back‑to‑school season. And just as virtual networking events and workshops have been a prominent feature of the Career Centre’s programming this summer, building relationships virtually is becoming a crucial strategy for just about any job-seeking student.  Read more ›

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