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 Perfecting One’s Professional Image during Reading Week

Reading week is upon us! For some of you, this will mean a well‑deserved rest after the midterms frenzy. For others, it will surely be an uninterrupted blitz of study. However you intend to spend this week, one thing for sure: you probably have no intention to spend it perfecting your professional image. You’ll surely be at home with your family and friends, or bing-watching your favourite show on Netflix. “Networking during Reading Week? Now way!” But if I told you that there are numerous, simple and interesting ways to network during this highly anticipated break, would take my advice?  Read more ›

Dressing the Part: 5 Common Myths About “Professional Attire”

As you evolve at the Telfer School of Management and enter the business world, slowly but surely, you will have to abide by a “professional attire” dress code, either for an interview or for a networking event. As the business world and technologies have evolved considerably over the last few decades, the idea of a “professional attire” has transformed. It is worth going over and debunking some myths surrounding this concept that are making things overly restrictive and complicated.  Read more ›

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Of all dress codes, business casual is certainly the hardest to define, and yet the most common in the workplace. For most Telfer students, this ubiquitous concept may be just as hard, if not harder to decode, than the most advanced accounting notions. Practically absent from work environments until the mid-60s, “business casual” has grown to become a “standard” in many professional settings. Yet, there is still no clear definition of what business casual is or should be. Here are a few tips to help you grasp this concept and put your best foot forward at work without committing any faux pas.  Read more ›


Tags: Personal Branding

Personal branding. As business students, we know what it is. We have to know what is is, or else we won’t survive.  Read more ›

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