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3 Simple Techniques to Boost your Productivity

Tags: Time management, Productivity

One thing in life is certain: everyone has 24 hours in a day. Increasing our productivity helps us achieve more in less time, thereby making us smarter students and more valuable employees. The methods described below will help you boost your productivity.  Read more ›

Three smart tips to reconcile work and school

Tags: Goals, Time management

Finding the right balance between work and school is a common and major challenge for students. Let me share with you my three tips to achieve it.  Read more ›


Tags: Time management, Productivity

Being a student is time-consuming. From studying for midterms to participating in extracurricular activities, going to networking events to advance your career, and finding time to socialize, life can get overwhelming.   Read more ›

Two man talking while sitting around a conference table

Tags: Time management

As motivation lessens and stress increases, it is common to neglect healthy sleep patterns. Hitting the sack at a reasonable time and getting up early in the morning gives you more energy and ample time to get everything done. In a technology-based society, so much time is spent on mobile devices without us even realizing it. Instead of checking social media when you first rise, get up, shower and eat something. This will give you a healthy start to the day and will make you more prone to study or to be productive.   You will be surprised at how much you can accomplish before 11 a.m.  Read more ›

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